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October 17th, 2010

Finished a nice pair of fingerless gloves to wear during nano. Done between getting home friday and sunday morning. Hopefully the writing will go so well! More pictures under the cut.

Nanowrimo Gloves 02

Probably my time would be better spent outlining but OH WELLCollapse )

September 28th, 2010

Random Encounter!

Today I had an awesome random encounter. This is sort of rambly, but I was seriously amused.

I had the car for the day since I had errands and whatnot to do, so that involved picking mom up in the middle of the day and getting her back and forth to her doctor's appointment. I just started knitting a new scarf yesterday, and since it's small and portable, I'd stuck it in my purse for the day since I knew I'd be waiting in a couple different places. So at the doctor's, I settled in to the waiting room and pulled out the knitting.

Now I did realize that one of the rows I'd done waiting someplace else earlier in the day was off - and in lace it meant the whole thing looked wrong, so I had to pull it out and go back. I had sort of been sitting there and only just barely managed to not swear in front of the lady sitting opposite me and the nurse at the desk, and other than that doing the polite thing where you sort of half smile and nod at people as they come in and go out. So this guy came in, I think he was waiting for his wife probably, and said something about the knitting, so I turned it around and held it so he could see and showed him how I was making a scarf. Then two people came in and sat between the man and me so we sort of shut up to be polite... one of them set down their bag and left, and the other one... pulled out HER knitting! Apparently she makes pumpkin hats this time of year and sells them to Lester's Farm. She was sitting directly next to me and so then the whole waiting room started in on this grand old chat, it was awesome. When her sister came back, she had knitting with her too!

The man from earlier knew how to knit, because when he was a kid his parents had sheep and his mom used to spin wool and send it to Nova Scotia. Also he's from Pouch Cove, which is where my grandmother is from originally.

Everybody had really interesting stories and things, it was pretty cool.

It was by far my favorite experience sitting in a waiting room, ever. I think I'm going to take my knitting everywhere I go now.

Oh, and here's the scarf:
Scarf WIP

July 25th, 2010

I made some plushies

So I started making plushies in my spare time as an unemployed university graduate.

Cute but deadly: Altair, Link, and moreCollapse )
You can probably tell I'm having some fun doing this. There might be one or two more but I can't put them up because they're undelivered gifts :D

I'm thinking about trying to make some to sell, but they take a long time to make, so I'm still looking into things, like what might be reasonable for my time versus not being ridiculously expensive.

July 1st, 2010


There are pigeons in the back yard. We've never had pigeons before. Crows, yes. Did I mention that the crows have some sort of hive or whatever it's called (rookery?) up on the hill behind my house? So sometimes I look out the window and the trees are literally black with all the crows. Especially when I was in the room upstairs where the tree outside the window had dogberries in the fall. Also, I guess crows like dogberries.


Ninjavideo's been shut down. It's a shame. The quality on that site was phenomenal, both in terms of the video files and what they chose to make available - there was always some documentary up that interested me.

Still no job. I'm going to have to go apply down to the mall and whatnot since no 'real' jobs seem to be forthcoming. Not the end of the world.

Brother's birthday is tomorrow and I've got nothing. I dunno. He buys himself anything he wants. Sometimes I can pick him out a book he'll like - not generally something he thinks of but he'll read if you put a book in his hands. Perhaps I'll have a shot at that. I kept trying to think of something to make for him but I came up blank as to something he'd actually use, that wouldn't clutter up his small space.

January 22nd, 2010

Forget Monday Nights...

(okay not really who could forget big bang theory and how I met your mother and CHUCK and house...)

But Thursday nights??? I could not watch tv last night because of a headache and apparently missed a bunch of shows, not that I could have watched ALL of them anyway. Only two of them are half hour sitcoms! Ah well I've got the weekend to catch up on study-breaks I guess.

The Office
The Mentalist
Burn Notice
Project Runway (I can't help it I'm crafty and they're making stuff... I love the episodes where they have to figure out how to make cool clothes out of random stuff)

To the gym!

November 7th, 2009

Still sick.

cutest thing ever, spiderman
Wrote 2600 today to get up to 9200.

Still lovin' on The Mussel. I'm going to have to split this section in two and add in a Katie chapter in the middle of it. Luckily there's a fairly natural breaking point so I'll split it up next time I sit down.

I did no writing yesterday or the day before so I'm kind of behind. thursday was busy and friday was revenge of the death cold. I'd been feeling better and better all week, but thursday afternoon my asthma decided to get in on the party and the cold went into my lungs...

It wasn't fun. We went to the doctor friday cause well.. breathing's important, and she prescribed me some new asthma inhalers and an anti-viral if my temperature goes up.

The rest of the day, and last night were still pretty miserable but today it does feel like the new asthma meds are starting to help. Hopefully I'll be all right for school this week.

Obviously, I had a couple hours today where I was feeling okay, and I got some work done, but the energy doesn't last very long.

I'm not worrying too much about being behind at Nano, since well... I'm behind in school too and that's a bit more important.

November 4th, 2009

Nano progress: 6522

Being sick is making everything take about twice as long as it should, both school and writing. Stuff is getting done but I'd hoped to be building up some padding for later in the month when I'm going to be busy.

However, Davis's alter ego The Mussel is quite possibly the most awesome superhero ever (okay probably not but he's certainly very punny). I have to give props to Holly for giving me the name for a strength-oriented Atlantic superhero - the rest fell out from the name. Originally he was going to be a small skinny guy who just had super-strength, but The Mussel...

Really demands a 'Thing' kind of appearance, except shell plating rather than rock. He also uses byssus to plant himself and improve grip - that's a sort of filament that mollusks use to latch onto rocks or whatever that keeps them in clumps.

It's... well it's quite fun to write about him and his partner Selkie. Probably a little too fun since their side story's already growing. Oh well. Nano's for running with what you're getting, I guess. :D

He couldn’t catch the door handle, with his massive hands, it just required too much dexterity. The key pad on the wall beside the door was similarly beyond him. Maybe somebody would hear him on the other side? Banging on the door, he shouted through. “Hey, lemme out!!”

November 3rd, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009

So I *am* trying Nanowrimo again this year. I haven't won one yet, though I did win Julnowrimo this summer.

So far - I started off Sunday strong with a respectable 2280 words, but yesterday I woke up miserable with a cold and only managed 111.

Considering I only got through two pages of my accounting book when I tried to make the best of the day home and study if I couldn't get at the creative juices, I wasn't up for much. Actually I slept pretty much all day, and then went to bed at like 10 and slept till the alarm this morning.

Still head-cold-y. Going to call in to work today though I did drag myself in long enough to go to tax class now at 10:30. That class is so messed up it would take broken bones or something to keep me out of the actual classes we're going to get.

So I've got an hour before class to try and get my days words in today and the rest of the day is schoolwork playing catch-up from the weekend and yesterday being sick. I've got an assignment due thursday and a midterm friday but I think unless I have another day like yesterday I'll get everything done.

I have two mottos in life that do me well when I have a lot of stuff to work through and they're from two of my all-time favorite movies.

1. Don't Panic.
2. Just Keep Swimming.

Which is basically the same as what my dad tends to say "start at the beginning and keep going until you reach the end".

Hope Novembers going good for everybody and that you guys are all being healthy :D

September 21st, 2009

Creative Dump

So... I made some icons in the past little while, I figured I may as well post them. And then I also made a header to submit for a community that is looking for one, and some little sculpey guys.

Dean's Pendant

more.Collapse )
From copperbadge:
Heidi also passed on to me the info that laughingirl is doing a massive charity auction to raise money for Avon's Breast Cancer Walk-A-Thon. This is not the first time, and by all accounts the auction is very reputable. Plus, good cause!

The auction is selling tiny teddy bears with tags signed by various celebs, including John Barrowman, GDL, and James Marsters, as well as actors from Pushing Daisies, Fringe, Lost, Heroes, SGA, Firefly, Harry Potter, Flight of the Conchords, BSG, and others.


And feel free to repost!

Seems like a good cause... There is a Dr. Horrible Boxing Glove I wish I could afford. Other stuff I saw from Buffy, Star Trek(Original series), Gilmore Girls, Tim Burton, etc...
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